If you are on a hunt to find a waste management provider who deeply understands your needs in the grueling industry. If you are looking for someone who adheres to the highest regulatory standards in terms of sustainable waste management. If you are looking out for a partner who processes, treats, recycles, and manage disposal of your waste with sustainable strategies. Then Kaktus is your perfect partner.


It’s imperative to understand that the definition of waste management doesn’t only revolve around household waste. Commercial and electronic waste like computer parts and other radioactive waste also reside under the umbrella of waste. The electronic waste is harder to spot, recycle and manage than household waste. So it’s strenuous to develop a viable and properly functional sustainable waste management strategy.

Kaktus – Your Ideal Partner

Kaktus engage the internal as well as external stakeholders of the client companies to isolate your issues surrounding the waste management. We formalize and design fundamental sustainability program areas in collaboration with our client teams. Our agenda is to deliver a sustainable future free from the toil of waste management for your company.

Circular economy is inherently dependent on sustainable waste management strategies. It’s our responsibility to maintain effective sustainable strategies that benefit both our precious environment as well as our future generations.

Sustainability practices – Our ultimate focus

Kaktus focus on client processes to limit the amount of natural resources being consumed and recycling the materials taken from the Mother Nature to the maximum extent. We incorporate feedback loops in client’s systems to incorporate adaptability towards sustainability measures and practices.

It is highly advisable for businesses to employ every resource for sustainable waste management. Strategies like source segregated recycling are generally employed for effective waste reduction for businesses. If you don’t know where to begin with your sustainable waste management, Kaktus has designed a range of guides for client businesses with tips and strategies to minimize and recycle commercial waste of your business. Kaktus also shares ways how can you resume your operations safely post-covid maintaining the sustainable practices in commercial waste management.

Kaktus designs customs sustainability solutions for our partners. Some of the common salient strategies are discussed below :

  • Marginalize the use of materials specifically pen and ink.
  • Waste incineration – important because it leads to combustible energy
  • Donation of furniture and hardware that is sitting idle at your business place
  • Compost your food leftovers and lunches
  • Educating your employees, teams and business community