Becoming increasingly sustainable is the growing demand in the current corporate world. But the process of growing greener can be daunting for a lot of businesses especially those who are unfamiliar with the realms of sustainability and are unsure where to start.

There are millions of people using trillions of electronic devices all around the globe to connect to the broadband world. Amid the huge labyrinth of data, maintaining digital sustainability is our due responsibility for a better biosphere. The environmental impact of digital world can no longer be ignored.

Keeping in view the growing demand of global electronic consumption, the e-waste and carbon emissions are rising up to a drastic levels.

Absence of proper benchmarks to quantify corporate and digital carbon footprint complicate sthe problem even further. Companies who are interested in getting their carbon emissions under control are clueless on what, how and where to start.

Zero carbon emissions – Our Agenda

If your carbon footprint is complex to comprehend, your journey towards zero carbon emissions doesn’t have to be.

The urgency to act due to growing concerns about the abrupt climate change is imminent. With a team of multi-disciplinary experts and a new holistic approach we access our client’s processes and report initiatives for better environmental practices and carbon foot printing leading towards minimal carbon emissions.

At Kaktus, we make sure that we take keen look into your processes and software development life cycle phases like design, deployment, hosting, and data infrastructure to make sure that your company is contributing least towards global carbon emissions.

We understand that a net zero carbon society will take a sustainable boatloads of effort along with a complete shift in paradigm. We have designed sustainable solutions and better carbon emissions assessment measures for new as well as existing digital businesses.

Kaktus will be your partner in your journey towards maintaining a carbon emissions free enterprise. Kaktus will setup strategies to evaluate our client’s :

  • Travel activity particularly Airline
  • Lightening in the office space
  • Electronic heating
  • Emissions from Workstations and Data Centers
  • Plug loads
  • Behavioral assessment
  • Green Infrastructure

We develop strategies to keep your carbon emissions to a bare level minimum.

  • For the clients, we provide a demo of Website carbon calculator which depicts an insight into their energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Feasibility studies for low carbon technologies
  • Adopting sustainable web design practices are our new initiative. Designing a more eco-friendly website by through page speed, caching methodologies, user experience and code sharing.