Estimating the greenhouse gas emissions including carbon dioxide and methane levels are the first baby steps towards de-carbonization and energy conservation. Our teams will assist and report your green house gas emissions (GHG) levels. The trainings followed are divided into multiple consulting services to help you in getting started.

Tackling the GHG emissions

Kaktus welcomes you in your first step towards sustainability. Our team has laid out a complete roadmap including the modules and steps essential to measuring, reporting and tackling the GHG emissions at your company. We will assist your employees with the basic GHG emissions accounting and reporting. Below we have provided overview of all the “Scopes” for sustainability and what each scope comprises of. For additional information and how we can help you, please contact us.

Scope 1 GHG emissions directly controlled by companies

This guide includes a step by step analysis of all the components necessary for your company’s scope 1 GHG emissions. Scope 1 revolves around all the emissions caused by the resources that are directly controlled or under the ownership of the client’s company. This can include sources like vehicles, furnaces, boilers etc. or if you are a chemical industry then the resources will include the chemicals produced and released and also the process equipment controlled by your industry.

Scope 2 GHG emissions directly controlled by companies

Scope 2 emissions deal with the indirect emissions from your organizations. This includes the production of electricity, steam, heating and cooling by the resources purchased by the client’s organization. This consulting service includes a step-by-step layout of the GHG emissions accounting which is conceptually analogous to the process described in the scope 1 emissions guide. The main differentiating factor is now the sources of data collection have changed.

Scope 3 GHG emissions contributed by third party suppliers

The scope 3 GHG emissions consulting service covers all the emissions that are left out in the scope 1 and scope 2 consulting services. These include the emissions generated by the suppliers during manufacturing of your products or emissions released by the potential customers during the use of the client’s products.

The crux of scope 3 emissions is to completely understand client’s value chain and the corresponding GHG emissions. These emissions are necessary to be accounted for though they fall outside of the client’s organization’s direct control.

Emission’s Reduction

Discover the fundamental concepts and steps necessary towards reduction in GHG emissions at your organization. For training your employees, dive deep into the resources: Energy efficiency and Renewable Energy Procurement for developing capacity enhancing resources. We can provide you with guides and resources recommended after your organization completes all the above consulting services.