The most efficient way to minimize emissions is to use less energy by enhancing efficiency. Our services constituting 6 steps will help you in understanding how you can bring about the change in your corporate infrastructure. Contact us to know more about the actionable steps and insights regarding sustainability in energy efficiency.

Start energy management with Kaktus

Learn the preliminary steps for efficient energy management with Kaktus. This first service will help you set goals, get buy-ins, make plans, set budgets, and execute energy efficient projects successfully. This is the first step in our energy efficient services and is available for everyone. The first service is specifically designed for clients having no background in advanced sustainability or energy management.

With the starter energy management service, Kaktus aims at assisting corporate sustainability clients establish a basic roadmap to implement reduction in energy emissions.

Stakeholder engagement

Engaging key stakeholders across the enterprise is imminent to the success of energy efficiency plan. Through this second service, Kaktus team will assist you in identifying and procurement of key stakeholders in your energy efficient initiatives. Maintaining stakeholders support and creating strong collaboration with stakeholders is the key to a successful energy efficient project. Stakeholder engagement has to be integrated throughout the energy efficiency project planning and implementation.

Opportunity Discernment

Join Kaktus to learn the best practices and strategies for energy efficiency improvement. Our team of experts will help you in identifying and evaluating the opportunities best suited and well-aligned with your sustainability goals. We will support you to determine efficient measures that will have a profound impact on your organization.

Designing implementation Roadmap

Kaktus will not only help you prioritize, plan and implement the energy efficiency opportunities. But also design an implementation roadmap to achieve their sustainability targets in terms of energy. We also make sure to have clear transparency in progress and milestones for the key stakeholders to access progress.

Develop Business Case

Kaktus will be your partner in designing and developing a business case for the internal stakeholders from financial viewpoint. After the successful implementation roadmap stage, developing a business case including advantages and potential budget requirements for the latest energy efficiency measures is the next important step.

A properly structured business case helps delivers clarity to the upper management and emphasizes the need for energy efficiency. The business case will help your team secure approval and funding for your energy efficiency initiatives.

Energy efficiency – up and running

Through this last service, Kaktus helps its clients in ensuring that all the consulting services of energy conservation project along with follow-ups are installed and operating correctly. At this stage, our clients are ready with the vendor selection and installation of the energy efficiency projects and tracking improvements. This step is crucial because following best practices can lead to optimizing savings, benefit other projects, cost reduction, mitigating risks, and aid in project evaluation.