Organizations are under huge pressure to perform better with less cost. But one of the biggest hurdles in improving performance and standing a chance in the ever-competitive market is to work with rigid, outdated and unsupported legacy applications. Kaktus helps organizations retain the value of legacy applications by creating a modernization road map that transforms such systems into modern age solutions that are more efficient and responsive to market/ business changes. A modernized, cloud-hosted application drastically reduces hardware and infrastructure costs and at the same time can improve application uptime to 99.9%.

Thus, shift you are IT spend from legacy to leading edge. Modern applications deliver the experience customers want and the results you need. Kaktus can help you accelerate to a secure, digital, data-driven enterprise.

Kaktus helps businesses accelerate time-to-market by reducing time spent across all stages of the application development life cycle through automation, IPs, open-source, and licensed third-party tools. By leveraging the Kaktus Global Agile methodology, enterprises benefit from shortened development life cycles and faster project completion. Further, the Kaktus DevOps team provides continuous support throughout the project with continuous enhancements and milestone measurement, thereby improving business performance.

We help you keep pace with new trends and achieve dynamic business objectives such as:

Technology excellence through automation, continuous delivery, application modernization, and leveraging next-generation technologies

Higher & faster business value with business-driven IT and application development using Kaktus Global Agile & DevOps

Enhanced cost optimization through reduced cost and improved quality with cutting-edge Kaktus accelerators and IPs.

Help organizations realize maximum value from existing application investments

Kaktus Application Modernization Services assist clients in strategically prioritizing and delivering modernization initiatives that protect existing investments in enterprise applications through our ability to:

Preserve embedded intellectual assets:

Make business operations more agile, secure, and efficient while lowering overall costs. Kaktus prides itself on having assembled a team of distinguished analysts, architects, engineers, and managers who have built large scale, high transaction business-critical platforms. Whether it’s a content management solution, a customer self-service portal or a custom iPad application, we have the capability to deploy subject matter experts to handle an entire project or work seamlessly as a member of your team. Whatever the approach, you can be assured that our IT professionals come highly qualified with many years of relevant experience.

Modernizing your applications provides a few immediate benefits:

Accelerating digital transformation. Application modernization is driven by the need to transform business to build capabilities and deliver them quickly.

Improving developer productivity. Adopting cloud-native and containerization technology enables self-service for developers.

Improving operational efficiency and standardization. DevOps enablement drives a culture of automation and transformation of operations.

How can we help ?

Kaktus specializes in creating custom applications to your unique business requirements; migrating existing applications and integrating other third-party applications as required, saving you hours of development time.

Application Development

We have a proven track of delivering sophisticated custom applications, business enablement platforms and complex integration solutions.

Application Migration & Porting

We can migrate and integrate other third-party applications as required, or provision additional functionality and capabilities, saving you hours of development time.

Application Maintenance:

We can operate, maintain and support existing applications providing efficient operations and peace of mind as well as predictable monthly costs. We can also provide software enhancements and improvements as requested, offering a complete solution to meet all your application needs.

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